Friday, November 15, 2013

Dress Up Day @ School

Aston started nursery in July.  So far I'm quite satisfied with the teachers and the school.  Most importantly Aston enjoys going to school.  Well, in the morning he just have to create trouble.   He refuse to dress up quickly and he will give the excuse that he wants to play with his toys, but eventually he will asked to be dress up to go to school.  When school ends he refuse to go home.  Again, he said he wants to play with the "truck".   According to his teacher during play time usually he doesn't get a chance to play with the "truck" because it's usually occupied by his classmates.  Teacher said that he will forgo and play something else.  Not aggressive in nature which I'm so proud.  

So far, Aston had attended two dress up days.  One for Hari Raya cum Merdeka and the other for Deepavali.  Both days students were encouraged to dress up in their respective cultural attire or any cultural attire is also fine.  The school organised a little party whereby they introduced them to traditional snacks and they will have activities relating to the celebration.  For Hari Raya, parents require to prepare some snacks or drinks.  The school prepared some Raya cookies and some parents even brought Roti Jala.  I've chose to bring fruits.  As for Deepavali, the school prepared some putu mayam and iddli.

I still remembered I couldn't think of what to let Aston wear for his first party in school.  I was contemplating whether to buy him a set of Baju Melayu only to realise that they are quite pricey for a one time wear! I doubt it can last till next year.  So as I was trying to search online for cheaper alternatives I suddenly had this idea and this is what Aston wore for Hari Raya.

Inside white singlet by Fiffy, Shirt from Zara given by Aunty Chris and Sarong sew by Grandmama

And this is what my fruits skewers look like....

As for Deepavali daddy bought a set of Kurta Pyjama.  ( I think that's what they call them).  It comes with a set of top, pants, vest, and a shawl and because we bought it one day before Deepavali in Brickfields all that cost only RM30! What a bargain!  Anyway,  the whole set was a bit big for Aston but I find the top was OK except for the sleeves as it was a bit long which we can fold it up.  So, I had this brilliant idea again.  I only dress him up with the top and pair it with his own jeans and keep the rest of the attire for next year!

Aston end up not putting on the shawl.  

Doesn't he look so grown up in this photo? Missing my little baby already!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Post Holiday Syndrome or Jinx?

All of us had post holiday syndrome after we came back from Bali.  One girlfriend missed the early morning swim and another missed the outdoor toilet.  Their respective other halves missed the driver and the 5 star service.

Aahhhhh! It was all nice and although I can't say that I'm rejuvenated but I am really happy for the holiday maybe because I finally can feel what it's like to be a family of 3 without the extended families. Just the 3 of us....basically I can just put my legs up and lie on the sofa as and when I wish...have a cup of tea while Aston is napping....cutting fruits for Aston while he is just there playing.  ( I always imagine that while I'm cooking Aston is always playing nearby)  I guess this is my post holiday syndrome.

Back to reality! The next day after we came back I met up with my friends and everything was fine until I drove into someone's car when I came out of the parking without me realising until I reached home! Bleh! It was horrible! I felt so guilty and sorry for the car next to me.  Don't ask me how I don't realised it because I really didn't felt it.  All I felt was a bump which I thought I hit something hard on the road.  I stopped and looked back and everyone was minding their own one was chasing after me so I thought oh no problem.  Lo and behold this is what happened!

The Damage
The recovery by Daddy's polishing.  TQ!

Now why do I say it's a post holiday syndrome or jinx? Well, this is what happen exactly the next day after we came back from Bangkok in May.

Needless to say, we had to send into the workshop to give him a reconstructive surgery.

So what do you think? Pure bad luck? Holiday jinx? Or ........ ?  Whatever it is...go away! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getaway to Bali

This is a long overdue post as we went to Bali early October.  Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable and memorable trip for us because it was Aston's first plane ride.  However, two weeks before we were due to depart we were so stressed because the dates that we chose to travel coincides with APEC.  It wouldn't be a big deal because come on it has nothing to do with us BUT unfortunately it has everything to do with us because the airport was scheduled to close on the days that were suppose to land and depart! To cut the story short we manage to delay our flight dates by one day at no extra cost.  Again, this wouldn't be a big deal if we were booked on premium airlines which unfortunately we weren't.  So you know what it's like when you bought economy promo ticket on AA.

So, back to our holiday.  We stayed at Saba Villa in Canggu.  We took the 1 bedroom villa with private pool.  Apparently it was their honeymoon suite! Unfortunately, it was no honeymoon for us because we have a baby cot in our honeymoon suite.  All I can say is I truly enjoyed my trip despite not being able to massage and no late night gossips.

Please excuse the poor editing.  This is my first attempt on video editing using iMovie.

Below is what I can remember about the whole trip.

Day 1
. We went to the airport 3 hours earlier to avoid the peak hour traffic.
. Aston had his first taste of Mcdonalds.  Mama and Aston shared a big breakfast.
. The flight was delayed for an hour and we were stuck at the tarmac due to heavy traffic.  Yes, we had   a traffic congestion at the runway.
. Mama was so worried about Aston's ears I fed him kiwi during take off and gave him Ceres Junior juice during landing.  Again, this is the first time he finish the whole packet juice to himself undiluted!
. Checked into the hotel and we had our late lunch in the Villa.  No photos but it was quite good!
. After Aston explore the whole area including walking to other villas he told us "Let's go home"
. We went to Ku De Ta for dinner.  Food was so-so but love the ambience.  I can imagine if we were to plan a girls only trip this is the place we would definitely go.
. Aston was exhausted and we called it a night.

Day 2
. We had breakfast in the villa and Aston vomited because he didn't concentrate on chewing his food and he choke and vomited everything out.
. We went to Sukawati Market, Kopi Luwak Farm, Lunch at Ibu Oka for Babi Guling and back to villa for swim.  The journey back was horrible because we got stuck in traffic.  We had dinner in the villa.
. Aston slept early and we just chilled in the villa and called it a night.

Day 3
. Breakfast in the villa again.
. We went to the beach but the sea was really rough so no swimming in the sea.  It was Aston's first encounter with the beach and he was definitely not comfortable with it.  However, he loves the waves! He wanted to go into the sea!
. We went back to the villa and swam in the pool instead.
. Went to lunch at Naughty Nuri that served very delicious BBQ pork ribs.
. Aston and I went back to the villa for a nap while the rest of the troop went shopping and visited Tanah Lot.
. Aston had a good swimming session after his nap follow by dinner in the villa.
. The adults had specially catered BBQ dinner in the villa.  The food served was so yummylicious and the best part is the chef does the BBQ-ing for us! Talk about 5 star service!
. Aston and I called it a night while daddy and the rest of the gang had a good hour of massage and chat.

Day 4
. We had breakfast in the villa.
. Aston and daddy went for a swim while mummy start packing.
. We went to the airport early hoping to have lunch unfortunately we were so early that we can't even do a baggage drop/check in.  We then further found out there's nothing to eat in the new airport except for sausage!
. Flight was delayed and Aston was a little cranky because it was way pass his nap time.
. Aston finally slept half way through the flight and couldn't even wake up for landing!
. He woke up once we disembark from the plane but fell asleep again in the taxi on the way home and slept all the way till the next morning.

Wow! I felt like I was writing an essay! Hahahaha Anyway, here are some photos! We did not bring a single camera so photos are taken using our phone.

Queue to drop off our check in baggage
In the plane waiting for take off

Entrance to the our Villa

Aston chillin'
Aston playing in the pool
In the Kopi Luwak Farm
Random shot in the Kopi Luwak Farm

Friday, September 27, 2013

Aston's First Pampering Session

Yayyyyyy! Thanks to iCloud I manage to retrieve back all my photos.  I quickly transfer it to iPhoto so hopefully it will be safe and sound for now.  Anyway, these are the photos I wanted to share....

(Please excuse the lousy watermark!) This is quite memorable because this is the first time Aston had his haircut standing by himself.  Usually daddy will have to carry him and mummy have to distract him with the phone.  We are so proud of him!  Anyway, after that he was transferred to stand on the chair but I don't know why I didn't take a photo of that.  I thought I did but I couldn't find it.

Next the stylist offered to wash his hair.  So we gave it a try! I thought he won't even lie down on the chair! But just look at the him! The third photo does not do justice to him.  He look like he's about to burst out crying but he was not at all!

After that he even allow the stylist to wrap his hair up and walk out like a boss!

Well done Aston!! Next time we can all go to the saloon and get pampered together!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Oopsie Daisy!

I wanted to upload some photos to share on the blog.  I thought since everyone is updating their iPhone to the iOS 7 I do the same too while I write my blog.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Lo and behold I didn't realised that I have not even plug this phone of mine to sync with itunes at all! So when I first plug it in it asked whether do I want to setup as a new phone or as my previous phone? So I thought of course I want everything as previous because in my mind new phone means factory default settings.

Aaarrghh! I definitely click on the wrong button! I lost everything!! All my contacts, photos everything was identical to my dad's phone!! (I passed my old phone to my dad) Waaahhhhh!! I want to cry! I had really nice photos of Aston and I didn't even manage to save it!

What was I thinking?!?! At the least I should have upload all into iPhoto first! Anyway, luckily I did activate iCloud so hopefully the photos manage to stream into iCloud because I just took them yesterday and those were the photos I wanted to share!

Fingers cross....

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Tribute to RUSS......

12 September 2013 @ around 9am I received a call from the vet.  The Dr told me that Russ passed away that very morning.  There's a guardian that stays overnight in the "hospital" and he did informed the Dr when Russ's condition deteriorate.  Unfortunately, when the Dr arrived back in the "hospital" Russ  had decided to migrate to a better place.

It all started on 3 September in the middle of the night or wee hours in the morning of 4 September  Russ started vomiting and having diarrhea and he did not ate his dinner at all.  We thought that he ate something that he was not suppose to eat while he was playing in the garden and was trying to regurgitate it out.  We didn't immediately brought him to the vet because vomiting and diarrhea is pretty common with Russ every now and then but usually it only last for a day.  On top of that, he had history of gassy stomach many many years back when we gave him too much unhealthy snacks.  So, on the 3rd day the diarrhea stop but there's still occasional vomiting episodes.  We suspected he had gassy stomach again because we bought a new treat for him!

Anyway, Russ condition didn't improve and we finally decided to bring him in to the vet.  The first thing the Dr asked was his age and that he suspected Russ is having problem with his kidney because of his symptoms and his smelly breath.  We admitted Russ into the "hospital" and tests were done on him.  Results came back not good at all when the Dr called.  His kidney was infected with bacteria and his blood had high level of toxins.  Dr said to monitor again and to test again the next day to see if there's any improvement after medication.  The next day, the results for his kidney improved dramatically but Russ was still very weak.  Dr said he just lie in the cage and did not want to move at all.  Therefore, more tests were done on Russ because now they suspect it was his liver as Dr find that Russ is quite yellow and there's bilirubin in his blood.

Finally, on the morning of September 12 Dr said that his death is most likely due to pancreatitis.  We didn't expect Russ to leave us so soon.  Today I heard Aston telling the new kakak (we have a new maid) that Russ is sick outside cannot come home.  All this while I thought that he had forgotten about Russ but today he had proved otherwise.  Ever since Russ migrated, Aston did not asked once about him which automatically made me think that he had forgotten about him.

Anyway, we did not have a personalised cremation for Russ as after seeing him suffer just before he migrated I strongly believed that he is in a better place now......

I am Back!!!

Helloooooooo Friends! (I learned this greeting from Aston and he learned it from Pocoyo!) It's been 7 months since I logged in to Blogspot.  So much have happened since my last update that I don't know where to begin!

Well, first and foremost let me explain why the long hiatus.. see first of all with the current security especially on cyberspace I don't feel secure posting photos on the WWW because anyone could just steal my photos and use it without me knowing! So, apparently we are suppose to watermark our photos before posting them on the WWW to prevent theft.  As expected I got stuck trying to figure out how to watermark the photos.  I know...I know I could easily asked Mr. Google but...... OK fine...I was lazy! Anyhow....I finally manage to figure it out and hopefully I can restart my blogging engine and post more frequently.

That's all for this post...hopefully my next post won't be 7 months later! ;)